Tuesday, 15 September 2009

D (for daughter) couldn't believe her luck when I said that she could dress me however she wanted to - but that I needed to be able to walk out the door and mix in normal society. She opened the cupboard doors and started to pull out things and make piles on the bed for Outfit 1. There was the "Ooooh I love that" pile, "Hmm... nice-ish"(meaning: not really) pile and 2 items that went directly into a "Give to charity" pile (I hadn't planned on that!)

Lanvin was a big winner. D was jumping up and down from excitement, waving the t-shirt with tulle bits stuck on it. She just needed to find the rest to go with it... YSL shoeboots, Alexander Wang trousers and Balenciaga trench and bag. I nervously wondered what else she might want to add. But that was it. Phew! Off she went to do her homework.

I put together my choice. I stuck with same trousers and shoes and changed into a Stella McCartney vest and blazer and got out my Givenchy bag.

A show of hands for which one you prefer...


  1. Dear Fleurty,

    your sense of style is so high ...that some of it, poured out of you and into your daughter at birth!!! therefore I can't choose witch look is better!.
    In one version you look ready to run a hundred of million dollar company in an other one you are just a very yummy mummy!
    and those shoes ....to die for!!! only a visionary , as you are, could have bought them 10 years ago!! carry on like this you are an inspiration for as all!!!

    ps. I tried to have my 4 year old daughter style me... the result was way too pink...... please tell me what I should do?

  2. HI,

    what I would like to know is where did you take your pictures?

    by the way I love them!!

  3. Hi

    I think your Idea is great .... every mum should bond with her daughter as you do with yours!!
    mum then would look like mums!!!