Thursday, 24 September 2009


Anyone who was in London today would have been amazed by the incredible weather we had - simply perfect for a walk in Hyde Park. So as I walking through the park this morning, I tried to look for someone who The Sartorialist would have stopped and photographed. At the moment, he seems to be photographing lots of people (actually mostly men) rolling up the cuffs of their trousers and showing off their shoes or is it sexy ankles? It started off as a bit of a struggle. I passed several runners, a couple of nannies with babies - no inspiration there - and then.... Rebeka. Without a doubt he would have stopped her.

Tuesday, 22 September 2009

It looked like for a moment I had gotten all excited, set up a blog, wrote 2 posts and then went and disappeared! Actually, that is not exactly what happened... I didn't realise how much homework kids are supposed to plough through at 10. D had "other commitments" and couldn't dedicate much time to selecting something for me to wear. Even the weekend was getting a little tight. But here they are - our 2 choices. I must admit I was inspired to jut my hip out (just a touch) in D's choice.

Tuesday, 15 September 2009

D (for daughter) couldn't believe her luck when I said that she could dress me however she wanted to - but that I needed to be able to walk out the door and mix in normal society. She opened the cupboard doors and started to pull out things and make piles on the bed for Outfit 1. There was the "Ooooh I love that" pile, "Hmm... nice-ish"(meaning: not really) pile and 2 items that went directly into a "Give to charity" pile (I hadn't planned on that!)

Lanvin was a big winner. D was jumping up and down from excitement, waving the t-shirt with tulle bits stuck on it. She just needed to find the rest to go with it... YSL shoeboots, Alexander Wang trousers and Balenciaga trench and bag. I nervously wondered what else she might want to add. But that was it. Phew! Off she went to do her homework.

I put together my choice. I stuck with same trousers and shoes and changed into a Stella McCartney vest and blazer and got out my Givenchy bag.

A show of hands for which one you prefer...

Monday, 14 September 2009

Well, it looks like the 13 year-olds of this world are the ones to listen to when it comes to "what to wear"!!!! If you are following the start of Fashion Week, read fashion blogs or even just regular print, you will have come across Tavi. The cute 13 year-old fashion blogger who is on the cover of POP magazine.

I can do better than that! My daughter is 10 and I am going to unleash her on my wardrobe - which has the requisite mix of Balenciaga, Givenchy, Stella McCartney.... lots of T-shirts... and plenty of vintage! I have just lost my fashion way and need a boost. Here goes......